Special Intensive 

Join Stephen White with the new Intensive "Come Advance your Dance!" 


You are ...

a higher level novice, or intermediate dancer, familiar with their fundamentals, and looking to embrace the next level and advance your skill set. You want to know what the judges are looking for, and find the edge to propel you into the advanced divisions...  

Stephen White is...

teaching this in a 3 hours intensive at Swustlicious! Come Advance your Dance!

The workshop will be split into two one and a half hour sessions.  

Sat 10/20 12-1:30pm

Sun 10/21 12-1:30pm


Feel free to email dancelikethewhiteboy@gmail.com  or sparklage@gmail.com


See the registration form to sign-up for this special workshop.  

$60 (by Sep 1) for 3 hours.